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Aplying for firearms permit

We are here to guide you for every step of the procedure for You to apply for firearm permit. We will provide you with the best firearms training with our highly trained instructors who will take you through every step of the training (theoretical and practical)

Training and exam for handgun

Targets DOOEL Skopje is licenced company for conducting practical training for handling weapon from B1 category;B2 and B3 for civilian persons who request Approval for carrying weapons since 2009. We have our own indoor shooting range where the training and the practical exam is held and can be used for recreational shooting.

The training is conducted by highly trained and experienced professional instructors. In the process of training we have First Aid training, Law lessons and theoretical lessons for handling weapons. Practical training is held in the same day after the theoretical part. After finishing the training you will get a document for compleated theoretical and practical training for weapon handeling.

Exam for Sertificat is held in the exam center in Skopje in front of comission (President of comission, Deputy President appointed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and members).The exam has theoretical and practical part. Theoretical part is on computer and the results are available right after the end of the exam. Practical part is held in the our shooting range in Targets DOOEL Skopje. The candidate that will pass both theoretical and practical exams for handgun will get certificate issued by Ministry of Internal Affairs

Applying for weapon permit depands on the place of living(city) by personal id.

List of certificates you need for aplying

  • Medical certificate for firearms licence (not older than 1 year)
  • Firearm training
  • Theoretical and practical exam for using firearms
  • No conviction certificate
  • No parental certificate and certificate of Capacity
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Trainning Pricing

Handgun Training

  • Theoretical Class
  • Practical Class
  • Theoretical Exam
  • Practical Exam
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